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Seerat Umar e Farooq by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi

Seerat Umar e Farooq Novel

Complete two volumes of Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Seerat Sallabi's Umar e Farooq. The book "Seerat Umar e Farooq r.a." is an exceptional and genuine account of Sayyedina Umar bin Khattab RA's life as the second Caliph, a righteous leader who overthrew Rome and Persia and was a martyr for the Mihrab Amirul Momineen. When describing Sayyedina Umar bin Khattab RA's life in this book, Dr. Al-Sallabi detailed Hazrat Umar's ancestry, family, period of ignorance, acceptance of Islam, migration, and allegiance to the Holy Quran. He also described Hazrat Umar's life from his blessed birth to his martyrdom.

Aside from this

Aside from this, the preparation he got because of the organization of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the refinement that emerged in his character from Islamic lessons have additionally been referenced exhaustively. His job in Ghazwat, the subtleties of his life in the Madani society, and his Caliphate have additionally been totally examined.

Significant laws of the Caliphate

The creator referenced the significant laws of the Caliphate time of Umar Farooq and talked about exhaustively the highlights of Majlis e Shura, equity, balance, and opportunity of thought. Moreover, he examined the individual characteristics of Syedna Umar Farooq, how he treated his own family and the group of the Prophet PBUH, and how he dealt with his public in the wake of turning into the Caliph of the Muslims.

His anxiety

His anxiety about the privileges of ladies, his anxiety for satisfying the requirements of individuals, the preparation of certain heads of the Islamic culture, the Reformation of the people who digressed from religion, Taking consideration of the wellbeing of the subjects, the unique plan of Amr-e-Bal-Ma'ruf was Nahi-An-e-Munkar, Reforms of the market and exchange framework, The fundamental goals of the Shari'ah, for example, the foundation of the Oneness of Allah, uncovering polytheism and sin, Performing love And points, for example, safeguarding the distinction of Mujahideen have been made sense of exhaustively.

Without a doubt

Without a doubt, Sayyidina Umar's life is a brilliant section of Islamic history, which enlightens the entire history of Islam. Nobody throughout the entire existence of the world could accomplish the high status accomplished by Sayyidina Umar with regard to respect, significance, earnestness, Jihad, and da'wah for Allah.

Dr. Al-Salabi

Dr. Al-Salabi gathered the brilliant pages of Sayyidina Umar's life and the time of his Caliphate from sources and references, then, at that point, coordinated their game plan, exploration, and approval so that individuals from varying backgrounds, for example, ministers, researchers, lawmakers, experts, leaders, caliphs, Taliban researchers, evangelists of religion and commoners the same can benefit, follow the Caliphate to cause their lives helpful and subsequently to be pleased with the progress of the two universes.

The life story of Umar

A ton has been composed and will keep on being composed on the life story of Umar, yet the style of Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Syllabi, an unmistakable researcher of the Islamic world and a renowned writer, is novel; who has gathered many books regarding the matter of life story till now.

Seerat Umar e Farooq

He looked through every one of the old and present-day books and gathered the books by referring to the distributed materials connected with the subject and furthermore kept the exploration and study. He has likewise used pretty much 350 books regarding the book under survey, "Seerat Umar e Farooq." Furthermore, he presents the life story books in a manner that is one with contemporary guidelines. Thus, the present peruser gets numerous illustrations and directions and constructs character.

The book "Seerat Umar e Farooq"

The book "Seerat Umar e Farooq" is presently accessible in Pakistan virtual library in a great Pdf report for the investigation of our guests. Look at the accompanying connects to peruse on the web or download the total book in Pdf design and appreciate disconnected perusing on your PC and cell phone.

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